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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need an approved credit application, tax returns, and (in some cases) three years of financials. You will also need proof of insurance.

You must have collision and liability insurance in effect when you pick up your trailer and throughout the lease term. This coverage must include $1 million in auto liability and physical damage coverage, and you must name Leasebox a loss payee and additional insured. We can help provide this coverage or you can supply your own.

We don’t play games with your billing, Leasebox only bills on a monthly basis.

We accept check, ACH, wire, and credit card payments (credit card payments will include a small transaction fee).

If you request a Maintenance Lease, there is a mileage charge to cover wear and tear on tires, brakes, and other components. We use GPS technology to track mileage in real time and bill for those miles on a regular basis, so you are not hit with a large mileage charge at the end of your lease. If you select a Net Lease there is no mileage charge. You will just need to return the trailer with the tires and brakes in similar condition, otherwise you will be charged a fee for tire and brake wear.

We work with Fleetrock and their national network of service partners to provide 24/7 nationwide maintenance and breakdown coverage.

Yes, we have a large inventory of semi-trailers for sale. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can source it through our vast network of certified sellers.

Yes, we can provide storage at your location.

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